How does the AEB-Stiftung provide support?

The AEB-Stiftung not only provides monetary support for projects, it also supports the efforts of AEB employees. AEB even occasionally makes its corporate headquarters in Stuttgart available for select events.

What is the core focus of the AEB-Stiftung?

The AEB-Stiftung is most passionate about strengthening equal opportunity in access to education. Education here can mean not only primary and secondary school learning but also the process of discovering and nurturing other (extracurricular) talents. This is crucial to helping individuals become more self-confident, develop their personalities, and change our world.

What happens if AEB is not profitable in a given year?

That hasn’t happened anytime recently ;-) Nevertheless, we’ve got a plan: AEB has established a foundation reserve from which ongoing projects can continue to be funded to an appropriate extent, even if no profits are generated.

Are outside sponsors welcome?

We are very happy to receive outside donations to our endowment if our passions align with yours. Reach out to us at any time! We make it easy to donate.

May I donate?

Donations flow directly to the projects that the AEB-Stiftung funds. The AEB-Stiftung is a charitable foundations and issues receipts for all donations.Click here for our bank account information if you’d like to #getinvolved with a donation.

Will I get a receipt for my donation?

Of course. To issue a donation receipt, we’ll also need your name and address.

Why was the AEB-Stiftung established?

The founders and shareholders of AEB, following in-depth discussions, voted unanimously to establish the AEB-Stiftung on September 13, 2016. One year later, the charitable foundation was officially registered by the Stuttgart Regional Council. The foundation arose from the fervent desire for AEB as a company to assume responsibility as a player in the global economy – and as a citizen of the global community. The aim is to actively promote beauty and equity in globalization. Education is the key factor of this effort.

Who is behind the AEB-Stiftung?

The AEB-Stiftung is supported by AEB and all its employees. The AEB-Stiftung is administered by its President P. M. Belz and Vice President Jochen Günzel, and by the Foundation Board.

Who receives funds from the AEB-Stiftung?

The AEB-Stiftung provides funding to recognized charitable entities that support educational projects for the disadvantaged. The goal is a long-term collaboration and sustained partnership. The AEB-Stiftung also expressly supports the commitment and initiative of its employees by giving them the opportunity to suggest projects deserving of our support and to get involved in those projects.

What type of projects does the AEB-Stiftung support?

The AEB-Stiftung funds educational projects designed to offer opportunities to the disadvantaged.

Why did the AEB-Stiftung decide to focus on the subject of education?

In our eyes, education is the key to equal opportunity. The goal of education is to give individuals the chance to grow by uncovering and nurturing talents, including those that may lie outside the realm of what is taught in the school system. This aligns with our conviction that we all have our own unique talents, and that these talents can often go unrecognized in a high-pressure society focused more on grades. 

Why did AEB establish the AEB-Stiftung?
AEB could have just made regular donations to other institutions, of course. But the core conviction behind the AEB-Stiftung is more than just our sense of corporate social responsibility and the obligations this entails – though we gladly accept this responsibility. The larger issue is that AEB is driven by people who want to get involved and help make things happen. And the AEB-Stiftung makes that possible. It also allows AEB employees to assume responsibility on their own, to grow (both socially and professionally), and to develop as people in a manner consistent with AEB’s understanding of employee development.
What opportunities do AEB employees have to get involved with the AEB-Stiftung?

Every employee who is interested can get involved – actively or passively – with the AEB-Stiftung. They can follow the discussions around projects under consideration and add their voice, for example. Or they can suggest projects that they care about and that meet the foundation’s criteria. Or they can get actively involved in a project – by mentoring, for example. There is also a need for support in selecting projects or managing the foundation’s communications. Any employee can lend a hand here – whether the activity is already something they do in their day-to-day work or they just want to try something new. It’s all voluntary, of course, and can be adapted to the situation at hand.

What does a collaboration between the AEB-Stiftung and its partners look like?

It is the express intent of the AEB-Stiftung to establish long-term, sustainable partnerships. This means bringing together financial support, volunteer support (donating time), and the expertise of our local partners.

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