Project introduction: EYD
Project introduction: EYD

Project introduction: EYD

Our partner: [eyd] social

The nonprofit LLC [eyd] social initiates humanitarian projects and was founded by the Stuttgart-based fashion label "[eyd] clothing". They have been producing fashion with a humanitarian background for years. 

With their project "I will survive", [eyd] social is active in India together with local partners, where it helps young women who have become victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The goal is to give these women a new outlook. The sustainable re-integration into society is achieved with comprehensive support in areas like physical and mental health support, education, graduating school, acquiring basic learning competencies, job training, introduction to working life and health care. 

Our goal: Provide a future through education and strong personality

Education brings many changes, not just to knowledge, but also to one's attitude and, as a consequence, behaviour. 

In our partnership with [eyd] social, we are supporting a long-running project with a comprehensive concept that helps disadvantaged women to stand up for their own interests and wishes and to live their lives responsibly. 

Our goal: advancing education in India
Our goal: advancing education in India

Development and expansion of ...

The AEB-Stiftung supports the "I will survive" project for at least three years, from 2023 to 2025.
There's a special focus on further developing educational opportunities for the young women. By finally graduating from school, some even with A-levels, the women stand a realistic chance to shape their future independently.

... education opportunities

Women who have successfully completed the re-integration program now lead independent lives and work in different fields, for instance as a nurse, in administration, as a social worker, as founder of a company or as mothers to their families.